Ahmad Saeed & Co Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in 1964 and it is the largest producer of bentonite, industrial and drilling chemicals in Pakistan. Please see our website www.ahmadsaeed.com and www.facebook/klumpycat. We have earned national and international recognition for our performance. We have built a progressive culture in our firm that is based on R&D, investment in people, long-lasting relationships, and ethical work practices. Ahmad Saeed is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and quality is fundamental to our philosophy. In 1990, ASC received American Petroleum Institute (API) certificate and over the years, ASC has also received a number of other awards for its product quality and innovation. Ahmad Saeed has an extensive processing and storage facility with total area of 175000 sq ft including covered area of 12000 sq feet. Our head quarter is in Lahore. We are also the largest bentonite leaseholder in Pakistan with 9 leases and capacity of mining over 36000 tons annually, which can be increased according to requirements.