Klumpy for Cats

Super Clumping

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KLUMPY is produced from premium quality bentonite. It is aesthetically pleasing and undoubtedly one of the best products in its category of premium clumping cat litters. Numerous catteries and private cat owners in the UK have already used KLUMPY and found it to be an excellent product. It is comparable to if not better than leading and most expensive brands like Catsan Ultra Clumping and Sophisticat Clumping Gold.

Salient Features

KLUMPY holds a leading position in its category in Pakistan. We take extreme care to control particle size to achieve strong clumping. It has pinkish colour and can absorb about 3 times of water of its own weight. KLUMPY is made with our special anti bacterial and anti dust recipe. Odour control is achieved by a proprietary formulation, which is unrivalled in performance by any product on the shelf.

  • Material: Bentonite clay
  • Colour: Pleasing light
  • Absorption: About 3 times of its own weight
  • Particle size: Super (0.6 to 5 mm)
  • Clump Strength: Excellent
  • Dust: 99% dust free
  • Odour control: Excellent due to highest quality bentonite and proprietary formulation
  • Consumption: Low due to controlled clump weight








i) Power required quantity in the litter trey (10CM)
ii) Scoop the soiled litter as required. do not flask.
iii) Refill the trey to recommended height.
iv) Clear the litter box frequently; wash the empty trey with hot water.
v) After drying fill with fresh KLUMPY litter and it shall ready to use again.
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